E-mail problem

A client recently phoned me, because an e-mail was “repeating itself in the inbox” The problem here is a virus of some sort. The email program is interupted by the anti virus, before it is deleted off the server. When you connect again, the email is downloaded again, the antivirus does its thing again, and before you know it there are 100 copies of the same email in your inbox.

Heres how to deal with these problem emails:
You have to log into the webmail page on your server, which could be webmail.yourdomain.com or similar.
Log in with your email login details. Sometimes you need to use your full email address instead of the part before the @ symbol.
When you have logged in then opened the inbox: mark the email and click the delete button. Sometime you need to Purge the inbox. This will remove the email completely.

Now try download email with your email program.

My clients can always call me for their login details, or to ask me to do the above for them…

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