Excel security warnings and imported data

After importing data, every time you open a workbook Excel warns you by displaying a yellow bar on the screen This is because Excel stores the data link to the data you imported in the workbook file. To remove the […]


Easyfile updated now I cant log in

Once again Easyfile updated itself and once again I cant log in. I tried uninstalling an re-installing both Easyfile and Java, and did not have any success. It seems the latest version of Easyfile is incompatible with the latest version […]


Woodford Primary School

I was approached by Mrs Jackson to supply computers for a school in Woodford, near Bergville. I was willing to share my experience with her, having been involved in other projects where computers were donated to schools in Amazizi and […]


Off Premises Backup

The need for a backup has been with us since the dawn of personal computers. Everyone has suffered from the fallout of not doing a backup. How do you back up? The obvious solution to your data security is to […]

Web Design

SME websites and Profits

The relationship between websites and profits was little understood, especially by SME business owners. Recently research by World Wide Worx says that 79% of SMEs with websites report that they are profitable. Compare that to 59% of SMEs without websites […]


Pastel My Business vs Palladium Individual

For a new fledgling business, it is important to keep control of your expenses and revenue. It is even more important for a startup, than for an established and successful business. A startup has to be really careful with their […]


Make your computer happy

Recently I have installed teamviewer with the full business licence. Now I am ready to give you guys computer support without having to come round to your premises. To make you aware of the service, I am running a special […]


Global Rich List

Cool, I made the global rich list. I’m the 729,980,662 richest person on earth! Discover how rich you are! >> Now I can relax knowing that there are more than 6 billion who are below me…


Dell DW1520 Wireless-N Half-Mini Card location

Dell shipped a lot of computers with the DW1520 Wireless-N Half-mini card. This card is a problem because it does not offer different locations to operate on. Normally, to change the location, you can go to the device manager, select […]

Web Design

Portfolio updated

I am pleased to announce that my portfolio has been updated. I have included some of the recent web sites that I have designed. This will give you a taste for my ability to designing your new website. Have a […]