Covid 19


The main stream media does not offer balanced view of what is going on. This makes them extremely biased. They only spread fear. You have to go out and look for the other side of the story.

Alternative media

Some sites I used to form my opinion. (form your own opinion, don’t use mine or believe the main stream media.):

Streaming sites

Youtube – Some good people still on this platform, but many have been banned for breaking their rules. My favourite is Dr Sam Bailey. I don’t want to link to youtube and send them any traffic: Rather go direct to this post on another blog and you can find all her videos if you click “open in youtube”.
Because of all the censorship on Youtube, a lot of content creators are on other streaming sites. I have a poor internet connection and some of these sites just don’t work for me… Luckily many videos are shared on multiple sites, to avoid censorship. There are a lot of videos presenting “conspiracy theories” but if you are able to think critically you can find the content that is not bizarre. However, we are in a bizarre time which just over a year ago would have seemed like a “conspiracy theory”.
Brand New Tube
odysee – this one is not working for me, but if you have decent internet you can use it. I think the videos only play at high resolution and don’t allow you to select lower resolution.

PCR Tests

The whole Covid 19 pandemic, the lockdowns, the masks and the destruction of the economy is based on this test which is bogus. No other way to put it.

The Pharma Mafia

The Pharma industry is a mafia. They have taken over our governments with their threats. The media are controlled by these evil guys. They are all going along with it to their peril.
Join the amazing Polly as she explores these relationships.

Experimental Jabs

So Covid 19 is supposedly the reason to get a jab. Because I went out and read other viewpoints, I am not convinced that a jab is necessary. I have made up my mind not to. The first 2 reasons seem enough for me.

Dr Coleman on the Jabs

Covid 19 is not real

Everybody agrees that its not as dangerous as they make out, and its as deadly as a bad flu. But the media insist we are fighting Armageddon of a virus. Its not true. They have not isolated the virus. They are using a PCR test which can not tell you anything about infection/sickness. There is another agenda. When someone dies after a jab, then its not related, but if someone dies after a positive PCR test, then they died of Covid? I don’t accept the logic of these people.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. So says Dr Reiner Fuellmich

Vitamin D deficiency problem, not a pandemic:

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