Off Premises Backup

The need for a backup has been with us since the dawn of personal computers. Everyone has suffered from the fallout of not doing a backup.

How do you back up?

The obvious solution to your data security is to store a recent backup in a separate location from where your pc is. It is unlikely that a disaster will hit two physical locations at the same time.

You can choose to burn data to DVD, but this is slow and not useful if you have a large volume of data which changes regularly. Most people store their backups on external hard drives. Its more compact and faster to write for the volume of data encountered these days.

The cloud is useful for storing small amounts of data. But I still don’t know anyone who has a fast enough connection to upload their backups regularly into the cloud.

external hard drive

Backup Frequency

How often to backup? Some files have to be backup up daily. Some weekly. The frequency is determined by how far you can go back to re-create any lost data.

The Dangers

Theft is an obvious danger. We are surrounded by hundreds of people who can not afford the pcs, tablets and laptops we take for granted. Some people have had all their devices stolen out of their car, or with their car. Insurance can cover your devices, but what about the valuable data?
Flooding or fire are also possibilities, both of which will sink your chances of data recovery.
Hardware failure is a common cause of data loss.

Oliviershoek Consulting can evaluate your current backup strategy and improve it. We also store a copy of your data off site.

Ensure your data is safe with a secure backup that is stored off your premises. Contact me if you need help.

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