Easyfile updated now I cant log in

Once again Easyfile updated itself and once again I cant log in.

I tried uninstalling an re-installing both Easyfile and Java, and did not have any success. It seems the latest version of Easyfile is incompatible with the latest version of java. Here is what worked:

  1. Download the latest version of easyfile if you have not already. Today it is 6.6.2
  2. Download java. You will need version 6u43. I put the following into a search engine: “jre 6u43 windows x64” (I have 64bit windows, you might have 32bit then you can leave out the x64 part of the search) (NB! to get the old version of java direct from java.com you have to register, which is lame)
  3. I chose to download the file from filehippo.
  4. Uninstall Easyfile in the control panel
  5. Uninstall all versions of java
  6. Install the version of java that you downloaded above
  7. Install Easyfile
  8. The easyfile install program warns that you have the wrong version of java. Just say yes or ok
  9. The easyfile install program finishes up and you can log into Easyfile
  10. When I logged in, there was a EMP201 update and then I had to log in again – but now everything is working fine again

Your experience might be different. But it worked for me…

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  1. I updated my easyfile version to 6.9.4. When I went back in there was nothing on the database even after restoring it. Have been on the phone umpteen times since then, unistalling and reinstalling and ensuring Java is correct. It now does not even allow me in saying that my login credentials are incorrect when I am using the same username and password as always,am really tearing my hear out

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